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Nutrition and Diet

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Course Overview

Nutrition is a fast evolving science and practitioners are flooded with a lot of conflicting and unfounded nutrition information provided in the media, by nutritional supplement companies and even from poor designed published studies. Nutritionists themselves promote a wide variety of nutritional theories and clinical approaches, yet often conflicting. Many nutritional courses that are included in medical degree curriculums provide general but minimal theoretical information. They often offer insufficient applicable components for solving clinical problems integratively. At the same time, curriculums of standard nutrition degrees lack up to date information about the clinical applications of nutritional supplements and special diets. Their typical emphasis is on the “food pyramid” and a limited, very conservative set of nutritional interventions for hospital based nutrition.

This module is based on up to date scientific knowledge from the fields of biochemistry, human physiology, testing objective nutritional biomarkers, as well as food and nutritional supplements chemistry and toxicology. This module is designed to support practitioners in their ability is to utilize the most effective and safe nutrition interventions for disease prevention or reversal, while optimizing the patient’s vitality and performance. The information is structured to provide a well organized core of clinical nutrition solutions, a foundation that is easy to build on with updated information.

Module learning objectives:

  • To analyze and apply guidelines for nutritional status assessment through blood, urine, and diet analysis.
  • To analyze and apply RDA guidelines versus optimal and therapeutic levels of nutrients. (Focus on nutritional supplements properties: dose adequacy, variety of forms, manufacturing guarantees of potencies and avoiding toxic contaminants.)
  • To analyze and apply guidelines to utilizing useful nutritional medicine resources current with updated research


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