Golding Institute Integrative Medicine Training Online Courses

The Golding Institute offers a selection of highly engaging and practical courses in Integrative Medicine Training Online for physicians

Detoxification & Inflammation

Optimization of health includes combating inflammation and ongoing detoxification in an ever-increasing environmental toxic load. There is overwhelming proof that we are exposed to environmental

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This module will address areas of gastroenterology from an integrative medical perspective including: Anatomy and Physiology of the Digestive System, Normal GI Flora, Dysbiosis, Bacterial,

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Infectious disease module will cover a natural medicine approach to infectious diseases, both in terms of treatments and prevention, prebiotics, probiotics and the implications on gut

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Hormone Balance
Integrative Hormone Therapies

The module will cover bio identical Hormone replenishment therapies (HRT), thyroid and adrenal gland disorders, misconceptions regarding compounding, and point out the evidence proving the

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Neurology and Brain Health

This module teaches functional neurology from a symptom basis as well as systems basis.  The most common neurologic complaints in clinician’s offices today include chronic

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