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Practical Integrative Medicine

IV Nutrient Therapy in clinical practice

The rise of the popularity of drip bars has seen many practitioners consider including IV nutrient therapy in their practices. Of course, there are a number of things to take into account when one wants to start offering IV nutrients as part of your practice.


The art and importance of hormones in sleep

It is becoming more noticeable how many people are suffering with sleep issues, including myself. Why is this? Is it stress, is it an aging phenomenon, is it hormonal? Is it a deficiency of some nutrient or are we meant to sleep less as we age?

Practical Integrative Medicine

Integrative Approach to Motor Neuron Disease

A comprehensive integrative approach should be considered to address the underlying defects of Motor Neuron Disease. There is a central role of defective mitochondrial energy production, and the resulting increased levels of free radicals, in the pathogenesis of various neurodegenerative diseases.


Accurate Cholesterol Assesment

The role of cholesterol in heart disease is a bone of contention. But greater
sophistication in terms of understanding and testing is now emerging

Integrative Medicine
Practical Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine: A Holistic Approach

Integrative medicine treats the whole person and the underlying causes of their disease, rather than just administering pharmaceuticals to relieve symptoms

Hormone Balance

Frequent questions about female hormones

Maintaining a healthy hormone balance, which includes natural estrogen, is absolutely vital for any woman. What successful hormone treatment depends on is the careful monitoring of all hormone levels and making sure that the replacement hormones are not foreign to the body.

Alzheimers prevention
Cognitive Decline

Alzheimer’s disease and the aging brain

Each person is acknowledged as an individual and the patient-centred approach allows for individualised Alzheimer’s or dementia treatment programs to be developed.