'IV Nutrient Therapy Course

IV Nutrient Therapy

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview
IV Nutrition has seen massive growth in popularity, but what is it exactly and why do I need it in my practice? When you come to the course, we will be discussing safety, supplies, combinations, and everything IV-related.

Why take the IV Nutrient Therapy Course?

Because IV therapy can be more effective than taking oral supplements orally for correcting nutrient deficits. The intravenous method targets nutrients directly to where they are needed. IVs bypass the digestive system which sometimes does not adequately
absorb essential nutrients.

What will I learn when I attend the IV Nutrient Therapy Training?

Topics to be covered :

  • Preparation for IV’s
  • Informed consent
  • The ideal drip room with safety requirements and informed consent requirements
  • Safety protocols
  • Pre-drip lab assessments
  • Intravenous Low-Level Laser Therapy
  • Suppliers of products
  • Compounding related issues

Protocols for IV’s including :

  • IV vitamin therapies
  • IV amino acids
  • IV antioxidants
  • IV minerals
  • Myer’s cocktail
  • IV vitamin C
  • Chelation therapies
  • Malabsorption therapies IV
  • Introduction to some important IV Cancer protocols
  • IV stress-related protocols
  • IV herbals and antimicrobials
  • Preparation of drips, administration of drips, safety documentation
  • Phospholipid exchange
  • Glutathione IV

Who can Enrol in the IV Nutrient Therapy Course?

Anyone is welcome to enroll in the course.

How will the lessons be carried out?

IV nutrient therapy can only be scripted by a medical doctor and has to be administered with a medical doctor on-site alongside other legal requirements. An agreement to stay within the guidelines will be presented during the course and is a requirement
for course completion.

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