CATEGORY: Certificate in Integrative Medicine

Integrative Cardiometabolic Health

Course Access: 365 days access
Course Overview

The module will cover relevant topics pertinent to cardiovascular and metabolic health.  Articles included will cover the bigger picture of cardiovascular disease than the conventional LDL cholesterol-lowering approach.  Endothelial dysfunction will be covered in great depth and the current available tests will be eluded to so that as a practitioner, one can not only understand the concept of endothelial dysfunction, but also how to diagnose and manage the condition.  The metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance will be discussed in detail and the available medicines and nutraceuticals for the management of metabolic syndrome will be reviewed.

Hypertension protocols using natural medicines will be discussed as will hypercholesterolemia.  Expanded lipid profiles and particle size and number will be reviewed.  Cardiovascular risk profiles will be looked at and nutraceutical management thereof will be discussed in depth.

Frequently patients are these days using drugs and nutraceuticals and the correct combinations will be discussed, for example it is very important to remember that statins deplete the body of coenzyme q10 and that supplementation is essential if taking a statin.  Not only is coq10 depleted by statins, but also vitamin e, d, omega 3 and this will be looked at in this module.  A protocol for the treatment of statin induced rhabdomyolisis will be included as well.

Nutrition and the nutraceutical management of hypertension will be reviewed.

Coenzyme q10 physiology and indications for use in cardiovascular medicine will be reviewed.

As far as metabolic issues are concerned, iron overload and the impact on heart disease will be discussed, as will the apo e gene, and vitamin d3 and k2 and NADH, nutrition, fiber and lifestyle.

module learning objectives:

  • To understand, review and apply in clinical practice cardiovascular risk factors, lab testing and nutraceutical supplementation in addition to lifestyle change, nutrition and exercise
  • Protocols will be provided for the management of vascular disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, endothelial dysfunction and insulin resistance
  • To understand the role that coenzyme q10 plays both in supplementation and treatment of cardiovascular diseases
  • To understand how to put into practice a comprehensive program to combat cardiometabolic disease.
  • To understand the metabolic and genetic factors that compound the risk for heart disease and diabetes
  • To fully grasp the nutraceutical equivalent of drug treatments for diabetes, insulin resistance and the metabolic syndrome.


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