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Detoxification & Inflammation

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Course Overview

Optimization of health includes combating inflammation and ongoing detoxification in an ever-increasing environmental toxic load. There is overwhelming proof that we are exposed to environmental toxins, including heavy metals on an ongoing basis. This module is designed to teach the practitioner how to detoxify the body of this burden.

Detoxification is one arm of the functional and integrative medicine approach and the other modules are important to grasp to understand the fundamental principles of detoxification. Information covered in the modules on infectious disease, gut health, nutraceuticals and supplementation, nutrition and diet are thus important to grasp to fully understand this module.

Module Learning Objectives:

  • The student should feel equipped to fully understand the following:
  • Evidence-based approaches to detoxify patients
  • Grasp phase 1 and 2 liver detoxification
  • How and what heavy metals we are exposed to
  • The diagnostic testing’s to test for toxin exposure and presence in the human body
  • The concept of a provocation urine test
  • The significance of hair heavy metal analysis
  • Grasp the principles of both oral and iv chelation therapies
  • Have a full understanding of nutrients required to support the detoxification process
  • Realize the importance of inflammation in the health of patients, and also learn how to combat chronic inflammation
  • How to do a liver and gall bladder flush
  • Grasp how to do a kidney cleanse


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