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Hormone Basics With Dr Golding takes you on a journey to discover more about about your hormones, the important role they play in making sure your body is functioning at an optimal level as well as helping you proactively take control of your hormones through a deeper understanding of hormones and the link between your nutritional intake and your hormones.

Over the last twenty years the tide of anti-ageing medicine, with a big emphasis on balancing the body’s hormones and using the right nutrients, have started sweeping the globe. The quest for living a healthier life because we are much longer on the planet, has become a strong force among all generations.

It is very appropriate and almost a natural phenomenon to see “Bio-Identical Hormones made easy” appear from the pen of Dr Craige Golding.

At the turn of the century he became a futuristic pioneer for myself and many medical practitioners in South Africa, who had a big need to expand their knowledge in the field of Integrative Medicine.

His teachings, wisdom and example, now more than decade later, reverberates through many medical practices all over our country benefiting thousands of people seeking to pursue health much more than curbing illness.

As a specialist physician, his passion, integrity, and academic brilliance with its never ending expanding list of qualifications has earned him the right to be heard on any medical platform. More than just these audiences, the broad public will benefit hugely with his practical and clear approach in this book.

He opens up the hormonal realm for any reader in his typical clear way, instilling consciousness, gently educating the reader in simple language through all the complexities. The exciting final part unfolds into practical solutions how to live a long healthy life by integrating bio-identical hormones and supplements into our daily lives.

The way I approach health, medicine, ageing and life as a medical doctor has been hugely changed by Craige Golding The effect of this I see in patients on a daily base and it makes me even more enthusiastic about the force this book will create in your dream for Healthy Ageing.

Dr Gys du Plessis

Dr Craige Golding on Hormone Basics

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