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Established by medical experts with the purpose of training and educating medical practitioners in Functional, Preventive, Anti-aging medicine, also known as Integrative Medicine.

Courses we offer

This online course has been designed to analyse and apply the volume of information related to cognitive decline in a structured fashion. 

IV Nutrient Therapy Course

IV therapy can be more effective than taking oral supplements orally for correcting nutrient deficits in this course we cover safety, supplies, combinations and more. 

Coming soon

Integrative Medicine Bootcamp

The bootcamp is a good starting block for those who are new to Integrative Medicine and a thorough overview for the experienced. 

The principles we advocate

Interconnectedness of body processes (the whole)

Healthy aging and prevention of age-related disease

Holistic health and achieving vitality, not just an absence of symptoms

Restoration: understanding the underlying causes of disease and treating these causes for prolonged health and vitality.

It is our hope that Integrative, Functional, Preventive Medicine will become the standard practice of medicine.

About the institute

The institute offers an array of short course series, workshops, intensives as well as higher education programmes that equip medical practitioners with expert knowledge, tools and resources to practice as holistically-inclined, patient-centric Integrative medical practitioners and ultimately add greater value to their patients and their practices. 

Our aim is to encourage practitioners to provide their patients with tailored health programmes, to meet the unique health needs of individual patients, to respect the biochemical uniqueness of every patient in order to maximize their chances of a long and healthy life.


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