Cognitive Decline

This online course has been designed to analyse and apply the volume of information related to cognitive decline in a structured fashion. The implementation and incorporation of these clinical and investigative techniques will be covered extensively in this course.

Recognition, identification, treatment and prevention of Cognitive Decline. During this course, delegates from all disciplines will learn, as part of the Collaborative Care Team, to implement a comprehensive multi-modality treatment strategy using a Functional Medicine and Systems Biology approach. Delegates will learn to evaluate patients, classify them based on the underlying causes of their dysfunction, and then apply a multi-dimensional protocol to individualize treatment for each patient. This integrative approach has demonstrated to arrest Cognitive Decline, and even reverse it

The Program includes

  • Basic principles and foundations of approach to Cognitive Decline (CD) including basic classification of types
  • Infections relevant to Cognitive Decline
  • Diagnostics, functional imaging, mental Cognitive Decline testing
  • Laboratories suggested for CD, including conventional labs and functional lab tests
  • Genetics
  • Nutritional and lifestyle approaches to Cognitive Decline
  • Therapeutics in Cognitive Decline
  • Hormones and Cognitive Decline and memory improvement/ trophic support
  • Toxicity states, metals, mould and detoxification strategies
  • Mitochondrial health and microbiome health and the gut-brain connection